RJ's Most Excellent Adventures
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In case you were wondering where the domain-name moxad came from, it's from the phrase MOst eXcellent ADventures which was an e-newsletter I was writing when I lived in Europe.

There were 3 sets of Adventures, while I lived in Switzerland, Germany, and then England. When I first started to write them in Switzerland, they started out as factual accounts of living abroad. But as life started getting weird, I found that many people found my misadventures amusing. From that, the letters started to get a bit more imaginative. Each letter was based on some true event.

These stories first start out as dry facts, and the amusement begins late in the Swiss stories. However, it is best that you read them in order instead of hopping about because a couple of themes start up which include my get-rich quick schemes totally failing, and my downfall at work (England stories) and attempts to recover.

Keep in mind that as I write this, it is 30 years later. I've managed to figure out where most pictures were taken and you can click on them to get a full screen size picture. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures while in England despite being there for 2 years. I was just working all the time. In hindsight, I really regret that, as 30 years later, I can't remember quite a lot.

Swiss Adventures (1990)

Germany Adventures (1993)

England Adventures (1994)