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Thoughts on programming methodologies

error handling and closures in Perl

Error handling I’ve never been totally happy with how I do error handling, in any language. I’ve always favoured calling a function and returning a simple scalar value that determines whether an error happened or not. Perhaps this dates back

Google Calendar API v3 perl access

The problem Recently I was asked if I could answer why an on-line booking system using Google Calendar no longer worked. It turns out that the API it was using was shutdown on Nov 17.  According to  Google Developer “This API

dynamically loading optional Perl modules

Recently I tweaked some code of mine that dynamically loads optional Perl modules.  Two words should stick out.  dynamically and optional.  So why would you want to do this?  Well, you may have a program with acceptable default behaviour that

config-file driven development

Config-file driven development When I write software, I try to imagine how the users will use it and anticipate what changes in behaviour they may wish in the future, or what new features. I then try to make that behaviour